A weenie bit about me...

Photography for me is exciting.  It’s a passion.  It’s something I couldn’t live without. 


Photography should not be valued by how it makes memories but by the feelings those memories create.


With every subject I have in front of my lens, I feel.  I don’t simply just look.  I feel what that subject feels.  I embrace its beauty.  I hold its emotions and most of all I value its presence.


Weddings offer a huge amount of detail; of emotion; of beauty; of love; of friendships and most importantly to me they offer enchantment.


Each couple that includes me in their day is unique.  They each have their own style and story to tell.  I take great pleasure and fascination in watching their days evolve.


I love light.  My work is at its very best when using the natural light sources available.  A sunny day, a bright sky and lots of wonderful light is what makes my work what it is.


I grew up embracing a passion for animals, especially those that have four legs, and woof or neigh.  I crave the fresh air that the countryside has to offer.  I am devoted to my family as a mother, as a daughter, as a wife, as a sister, as an aunt, a niece and a cousin.   I am loyal to those who capture my heart.  I am passionate about creativity. 


Life for me is about encompassing opportunities, engaging with new possibilities and enjoying my job to its very maximum.


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