Me, Myself & I

I decided at the start of this year that I really wanted to push my photography work like never before.


Life has its obstacles and they sometimes and do actually quite often stop us, or at least pause us momentarily in our plan for life.  For me the birth of my two wonderful children certainly slowed me down not to mention my ill health from suffering a Stroke 3 and a half years ago.  Now however and not dwelling on my curve ball, life is good.  In fact it is great.


As you all know I am always busy with my camera.  My couples are such special people and are all unique and individual in so many ways.  One thing most of my clients do have in common however is a lack of confidence in themselves in front of the lens.  Well, I hear them! Loud and clear!


So, in a bid to put myself in my clients shoes, to mark turning 30 and still claiming some sort of sanity and more to the point with an idea to update my ‘About Me’ page on my website I booked myself a photo shoot.


Yes, me in front of the camera. No, I was not at all comfortable, at least to start with.


I met Hannah Stevens at the NEC National Wedding show where she was supporting her husband’s band.  Sometimes at wedding fairs it can be very difficult to introduce yourself to fellow photographers, as they can be somewhat stand offish.  Hannah breezed on into my snug little stand like a breath of fresh air.  We instantly got chatting, swapped cards and have stayed in touch ever since. 


I personally think it is very important to build working relationships with other industry experts.  What happens if I am booked and cant make a date?  Well as the Meer cats say ‘simples’, I now recommend Hannah. (Amongst a few other peers.)


Hannah’s work is always so lovely to look at.  So natural with her subjects so at ease.  So I decided to set her a challenge…photograph the photographer who doesn’t like being photographed.


What was most refreshing was everything Hannah was asking me to do, to make me feel more comfortable, to put me at ease, were things that I do for my clients.  It did take me a while to relax in to it but I think I got there in the end.


When you are a bride you have your groom.  This was just about me, myself and I.  Well, almost.  Typically I felt the need to include a horse or 2 (much to their delight in trying to embarrass me just a little bit more, see below) and my every faithful pooch Do Dog in a few of the pictures.


For those of you who know me well you will know how very hard this was for me to A; not laugh at myself and B; keep a relatively serious composition throughout. . 


Hannah you are a very clever lady and thank you very much!  Here are couple of my favourites. J




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